As part of its smart city proposal, Dharamshala has proposed to implement several Area Bases Development Projects Based on extensive research, analysis, citizen engagement etc.

The identified 23 area based projects can be broadly classified under 5 themes for smart development interpreted by the consultants and they are: Heritage, Tourism & Urban Design Smart Buildings Water, Sewerage & SWM Energy ICT These area will be developed as smart areas which incorporate all essential elements/features prescribed in the smart cities mission guidelines along with the additional features that will be identified by the consultants which will be deemed appropriate through viability assessment and stakeholder/ client engagement.


The City Vision for Dharamshala SCP was prepared by extensive citizen and stakeholder engagement process, detailed city profiling exercise – self assessment and SWOT analysis and Identified strategic / focus areas. Based on the above steps, the Vision 2025 for Dharamshala was formulated as “A global tourist destination for all reasons and all seasons which is sustainable, resilient and smart while being, for its residents, a city which is liveable, economically vibrant, safe and inclusive” .

Thus the focus area of the smart city vision of Dharamshala are:

Lead by Heritage and Tourism Sustainable Mobility with thrust on TOD & compact urban from Livability and inclusiveness Eco City Regional economic Centre Child friendly, Safe and Vibrant City ​​Dharamshala View As of the 2011 India census, Dharamshala Municipal Corporation has a population of 22,586 sex ratio is 941 female / 1000 male. Dharamshala has an average literacy rate of 77% higher than the nation average of 74.04% ; male literacy is 80% and female literacy is 73%.


Dharamshala city was shortlisted by Himachal State Government as their recommendation to MoUD (Ministry of Urban Development). Under the process of proposal to MoUD, Dharamshala city has been selected brand name and logo for their city as “Divine Dharamshala”. “Divine Dharamshala” reflects city’s strength from its rich natural and cultural heritage and more importantly its people. To leverage the existing Characteristic of the city blessed with divinity, peace, serenity and beauty.

Smart tangible methodologies and intelligent interventions become enablers to accentuate these intangible that promise a better quality of life and a stronger sense of ownership by residents. The brand name embeds this promise to enhance the city’s pre existing divinity with smart planning and design components that Dharamshala a step forward to sustainability, resilience and future proof of its urban and ecological footprint. The foot print also embodies the plurality and richness of cultures-Tibetan and Kangra, strongly rooted in the terrain and the urban landscape of Dharamshala