“Exquisite, entertaining and surreal” is what defines Dharamshala in the best way.Dharamshala is Himachal’s spiritual capital and is the second capital of the state. There are many things about this enchanting hill station that attracts tourists from within the country and overseas. It provides a perfect holiday destination for the quiet, as well as adventure traveller. Whether its riverside romantic walks or finding hidden treasures on a trek up the mountain or engaging in some adventure sports like paragliding, the city has a variety of experiences to offer.

Dharamshala records heavy rainfall and is one of the wettest places of India. The city is easily accessible by air and there are comfortable road travel options available as well. Most tourists come here for the calmness that this place provides. The number of tourists, who visit Dharamshala, is a proof, of how rich the city is in its environment and hospitality. The tranquillity in the air is something that binds the visitors and makes their experience unforgettable.

The Dalai Lama took shelter in the quaint city during his exile since 1959. The library of Tibetan works and archives holds many precious manuscripts, with in-depth detail of Buddhism and insights of it.

But it’s not just the spirituality; it’s the city of great infrastructure as well. It boasts of a strong infrastructure and excellent quality of roads. This city has beautiful buildings and 24 hrs. power & water supply. Dharamshala city is also the proud home of one of the largest war museum of north India. The Chamunda & Bejaswari Devi temples also attract a lot of tourists from all over the world. Dharamshala also has an international cricket stadium and the Government plans to turn this city into a sports hub soon.

Ropeways from Dharamshala to Mcleodganj and Chamunda to Himani Chamunda and also to snow-line Dhauladhar highways are also lined up in the scheme of things.

Dharamshala is missioned to be a city that is a mix of modernization and culture. State of the art safety measures for all will be adopted like installing CCTV cameras in the entire city. This will help build the trust of the locals as well as tourists and will be beneficial in keeping unlawful elements at bay. With modernization and adoption of new methodologies in various fields youth will be engaged in jobs which will bring further prosperity for locals. Special initiatives will be taken by government to build a self-sustainable environment for the locals and to drive further income not just from tourism.

The city now also hosts the underground dustbin project. Along with this, land and infrastructure has been earmarked to develop theme based park in the city which will boost investment opportunities bringing new jobs and prosperity to the city.

The city is a reflection of what Indian culture is – modernization and spirituality - blend in perfect harmony over here. The credit goes to the beautiful and simple people of the city that love to host people from different religions, regions and cultures and add a new flavour to the vibe of the city.

Dharamshala is not just a city, it is an experience. 

State Himachal Pradesh
District Kangra
District HQ Dharamshala
ULB Dharamshala Municipal Corporation
No. of Wards 17
No. of Households 10978 (approx.)
Area 27.6 sq. km.
E-mail dscldharamshala@gmail.com
PIN Code 176215
Location South west of the Dhauladhar ranges
Lat-Long 32.218º N to 76.320ºE
Elevation 1457 mt
Sex ratio 941 Female / 1000 Male
Geology Hilly and Mountainous
Year 1961 1971 1981 1991 2001 2011 2015
Population (Nos) 10255 10939 14522 17493 19982 22586 53543