S.No Subject Tender Id Awarded To Tender Category Tender Value Publish Date View
1 Construction of City Bus Depot with Charging Station for EBuses at Dharamshala 2022_DSCL1_57912_1 M/s ANS Construction Limited Works 11,90,60,167.29 12/03/2022 Detail Page
2 Redevelopment of Shop Front Facade at Kotwali Bazar Dharamshala 2022_DSCL1_57383_1 Sh. Ashok Kumar Government Contractor Works 1,29,04,908.40 02/03/2022 Detail Page
3 Development of Modular Toilets in Dharamshala 3rd Call 2022_DSCL1_56679_1 M/s Aditya Construction Co. Works 1,12,76,088.99 11/02/2022 Detail Page
4 Construction of Sports Playfields in Govt. Senior Secondary Boys School at Dharamshala. 2022_DSCL1_56680_1 Sh. Rakesh Rana in consortium with M/s Shiv Naresh Sports Pvt. Ltd. Works 1,46,15,734.71 11/02/2022 Detail Page
5 Construction of Surface Parking and Place making near DIG Office Dharamshala 2nd Call 2022_DSCL1_56500_1 Sh. Sanjeev Singh in consortium with Sh. Rustom Singh Works 18,59,636 08/02/2022 Detail Page
6 Redevelopment of Mcleodganj Bazar 2022_DSCL1_55262_1 M/s Aditya Construction Co. Works 1,73,07,469.90/- 20/12/2021 Detail Page
7 Setting up of 5 MTD capacity presegregated MSW feedstock based Biogas Plant in Dharamshala with Operation & Maintenance for 3 Years 2021_DSCL1_54367_1 M/s Aruna Green Ventures Pvt Ltd in consortium with M/s HITEK NDT Services Works 2,11,82,987.27 10/12/2021 Detail Page
8 Construction of Inclusive Streets Phase III 2021_DSCL1_54350_1 Deepak Joshi Govt Contractor Works 1,40,66,803.20/- 04/12/2021 Detail Page
9 Development of Park - Ram Nagar at Dharamshala ( 3rd Call) 2021_DSCL1_52118_1 Sh. Harbhajan Singh Govt Contractor Works 61,38,568.26/- 10/09/2021 Detail Page
10 Construction of Toilet blocks in Govt. Senior Secondary Boys School Dharamshala 2021_DSCL1_45527_1 M/s Maa Vaishano Construction in Consortium with M/s Aja Developers Pvt. Ltd. Works 67,82,413.82/- 13/03/2021 Detail Page